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Level International
Plastic types Microplastics
Funding source European Union Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)
Project cost 181.152,96 EUR
Period September 2023 - August 2025
Geographical area Europe Global
Categories Water Ecosystems and Biodiversity
Tags water quality freshwater aquatic environments

Microplastic pollution in freshwater sediments: effects at the hydrology, microbial biofilm and thus water quality under global change threats SEDIPLASTIC seeks to explore and provide new knowledge on MP (non- and biodegradable) effects on freshwater sediments under global change conditions. Sediment columns with different grain size, with/without microbial communities, and microparticles (inert, MP, BioMP) will be used. Hydrological parameters, nutrients, dissolved organic carbon, bacterial biomass, viability, and functionality, and MP mobility and degradation will be analysed. Moreover, to better understand the key role of MP in freshwater sediments and how can affect ecosystems services, a predictive model will be developed using project experimental data. Project outcomes will impact beyond academia providing novel tools for industry, government, and thus societal wellbeing. It will contribute to major EU research priorities and to global efforts such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (6, 12, & 14).

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