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Level International
Plastic types Recycled Plastics
Funding source European Union Digital, Industry and Space
Project cost 6932725 EUR
Period May 2022 - April 2022
Geographical area Europe
Categories Environment and Climate change Climate Change Green and Circular Economy Integrated Sustainability Assessments Consumer Products
Tags polymers consumer goods electronics plastic waste plastic waste Recycling Packaging chain
Project partners
  • ITA-Suomen Ylipisto,
  • Maier Scoop,
  • Plastics Recyclers Europe,
  • Coolrec Bv,
  • Circularise Bv,
  • Tallinn University,
  • Maier Technology Centre S Coop,
  • Greendelta Gmbh,
  • Cikautxo S Coop,
  • Cikatek S.Coop,
  • Mondragon Corporacion,

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