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Level International
Funding source FP7-SME
Project cost 3178115.92 EUR
Period November 2010 - October 2013
Geographical area Europe
Categories Environment and Climate change Climate Change Green and Circular Economy Consumer Products
Tags construction pipe plastic pollution Recycling cost
Project partners
  • The UK Materials Technology Research Institute Limited,
  • The Chartered Institute Of Plumbing & Heating Engineering,
  • The British Plastics Federation LBG,
  • Genie Climatique International Union Internationale De La Couverture Et De La Plomberie AISBL,
  • Asociacion Espanola De Industriales De Plasticos - ANAIP,
  • Notio AS,
  • Pemtec AB,
  • Islensk Nanotaekni EHF,
  • Slatebond Limited,
  • Plomifera Castellana S.L.,
  • Nor-Tek Teknologisenter AS,
  • Nyskopunarmidstod Islands,
  • Acta BV,
  • Nanobiomatters SL,
  • HPG Plastics GMBH,

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