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Level International
Plastic types Mixed Plastics
Funding source FP6-SME European Union
Project cost 2997506 EUR
Period January 2006 - July 2009
Geographical area Europe
Categories Environment and Climate change Climate Change Environmental Monitoring Green and Circular Economy Integrated Sustainability Assessments
Tags Agriculture plastic waste Recycling sampling labelling
Project partners
  • European Plastics Converters,
  • Fundacion Gaiker,
  • European Plastics Recyclers,
  • Cicloplast S.A.,
  • Panhellenic Confederation Of Unions Of Agricultural Cooperatives,
  • Federazione Regionale Agricoltori Di Puglia,
  • Federation Regionale Des Cooperatives D'Utilisation Du Materiel Agricole De Midi-Pyrenees,
  • Panagrotikos Syndesmos Cyprus,
  • Alfa Edile S.R.L.,
  • Industria Sevillana Reciclaje De Plasticos S.L.,
  • P.A. T.I. S.P.A.,
  • Suomen Uusiomuovi Oy,
  • Polyeco S.A. Management And Valorization Of Waste Industry,
  • Centre National Du Machinisme Agricole, Du Genie Rural, Des Eaux Et Des Forets,
  • Universita Degli Studi Di Bari,
  • Universitaet Stuttgart,
  • Titan Cement Company SA,
  • Federation Languedocienne De La Cooperation Fruits Et Legumes,

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