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Level International
Plastic types Bio-decomposable plastic
Funding source European Union FP6-SME
Project cost 1277787 EUR
Period September 2005 - August 2007
Geographical area Europe
Categories Environment and Climate change Climate Change Green and Circular Economy Raw Materials Consumer Products
Tags biodegradable plastic fiber packaging Agriculture marine food
Project partners
  • Universita Di Pisa,
  • Abonos Organicos Nacionales S.A.,
  • Agricola Alicantina S.A.,
  • Auserpolimeri SRL,
  • Cantelo Nurseries Limited,
  • Extricom GMBH Extruder and Components,
  • Terrloire,
  • Pvaxx Research & Development LTD,
  • Pera Innovation Limited,
  • Hilaturas Macia S.L.,
  • Fourné Polymertechnik GMBH,

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